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Ma's Family

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Fun

Baby it's cold outside! Here in PA my family and I live somewhat rural. It's often too cold for the younger kids to play outside and we really don't have too many options for getting out of the house. There is no mall to roam or play lands to visit or mommy and me gym classes so we spend a lot of time indoors at home.

By January the kids have been cooped up for a month or more and starting to get bored. Their new Christmas toys have all been played with, their stocking treats are depleted, and their games have all been played and brushed aside. So it's time for me to find them some new and exciting things to entertain themselves with! Here are some things that we've already done or are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to try!

Making ice cream - YUM, who can resist a tempting treat like that?? Here are a couple different ways kids can make it right at home. (made this one in the summer and it worked good but melted quickly in the hot sun! - like that was a surprise! lol)

This is the one we'll be trying today!
(I don't have a link for this source but it was copied from a friend's facebook and I don't remember which one, so if I got this from you and you have a link please message me so I can give proper credit!)
Sisse Pfieffer 's famous snow cream
1 big bowl of clean snow
In another large bowl mix:
1 to 2 C. sugar
1 to 2 tsp. vanilla flavor
...1 to 2 C. milk
1 to 2 raw eggs (optional)
After mixing those well, taste to be sure that it is very sweet, the snow will dilute the taste. Add more sugar if needed. (hard to dissolve sugar after you add the snow.) Start adding snow until you get the consistency you like.


Snow painting! We filled some spray bottles with water and a couple drops of food coloring then used them to decorate baking pans full of snowballs. When the colored snow melted we tossed it out in the yard to color the snow outside!

Snow science!

We did some experiments to see how long it took for snowballs to melt inside the house in different places. On the woodstove, in the freezer, in the laundry room, in the fridge, in the tub.... covered, uncovered

Here are some more snow science activities to try!


Make a snow globe!

Take a clean baby food jar (or any small jar with a tight fitting lid - or even a small, clear tupperware container for small children)

glue pretty decorations inside it, add some sparkle, add water with a drop of lemon vinegar (to prevent bacteria growth), seal and shake!


Pudding painting

Tape a piece of paper to a high chair tray or table and let the kids paint with pudding on it. It's completely edible so there is no worry about small children eating their 'paint' and you can use food color to color vanilla pudding any colors you like! Cleanup is as easy as after a snack and pudding dries solid on paper so you can keep the artwork afterward.


Snow tracks!

Ever sprinkled baking soda on your carpet to remove odors? Let the kids help! Put the baking soda on a baking sheet and let the kids walk through it making tracks on the carpet. Vacuum when done!


Chocolate spoons

A tasty treat they can make and looks cute too! melt some chocolate pieces in a cup and dip plastic spoons in it. Hang to dry then wrap with plastic wrap and a pretty ribbon until snack time. Use them to stir their warm milk for a chocolaty treat.


Kids lost or outgrown their baby mittens? Let the kids fill them with dry beans and sew the end closed for some cute bean bags to toss into a circle on the floor for a fun game!


Snowman dressup! Little kids love to dress up! Instead of the every day princess and superhero costumes set out the bin of snow hats, mittens, and scarves! What fun to dress up like eskimos and live in a sofa-cushion igloo for a day!

Enjoy this time! Before long your kids will be out running with their friends and you'll wish they were home sipping cocoa and munching cookies with you!

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