Ma's Family

Ma's Family

Friday, June 18, 2010

So good morning all! It's a beautiful day out today! Just browsing through the news this morning and see Spaghettios have been recalled. KUDOS to campbell! We understand mistakes happen. They watched, they saw, they dealt with it. And didn't even need Nannybama to hold their hands. I wonder at our changing world sometimes. And applaud the companies who do right just because it's right. And mourn the nanny state that has trained people that they can't think for themselves. Every action must have a law or order from the government to make it necessary.

So check your campbells everyone! Just in case.

I was also grabbed by a news article about the oil on the banks and local efforts to minimize damage. Here again is a story of a HUGE problem. The locals watched, they saw, they dealt with it.... and the coast guard stopped them.?! Don't clean up that mess! You can't possibly decide on your own if the danger to yourself is worth the results of not acting. And we can't possibly pass out fire extinguishers and life vests to clean up crews without the proper permits and studies first!

How can you hold people accountable for the cleanup when a governor aquires materials in their local efforts only to have them confiscated and moved somewhere else by the coast guard deemed more in need? Who's the boss? And do they have the right to destroy efforts of local areas working hard to protect their homes and livelihoods?

I pray that my children grow up to be responsible for their own actions and that they still have the opportunity to be so. And even more than wishing I'm starting NOW when the children are young. Train them up in the way they should go and they will never stray. This is the one single parenting RULE to remember. When we're taking a walk and see a wrapper on the ground we PICK IT UP. When you see someone have an accident you don't point and blame - you ask if they're ok and if you can do anything to help. THIS is being responsible and THIS should be the future for our children. And THIS should be what's taught in school. It should take priority yet sadly is trained out of children who are told 'that's not your job' and 'leave it to those who are trained'.


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